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It takes more than 28 days in Black History Month to teach four million years of history!!!

setclaeheading.jpg (13113 bytes)         An Africentric

Multicultural Curriculum

  Used in 5,000 Schools!

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A Model Curriculum

For Educators, Youth Workes and Parents

Major Consultants: Folami Prescott, M.A. Jawanza Kunjufu, Ph.D.

African American Images Publications * Chicago, Illinois



SETCLAE Brochure 2013

SETCLAE Brochure

  To Order Online: (Please specify grade when checking out)

 Elementary - 105 children's books, 20 adult books, 1 video, manual, posters, map, (songbook and cd),


 Elementary - Additional set


 High School - 75 youth books, 20 adult books, 1 video, manual, posters, map...


 High School - Additional set


To Order By Phone: Call  1-800-552-1991
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